Ch-Ch-Changes…to the line-up

Hello there. It’s been a while. A lot has happened. Let me tell you about it. Please.

There has been a lot of changes to our original line-up. Unfortunately, 8 of our original bands pulled out recently. However, in our wisdom, we decided to book 14 more bands to make up for it, bringing our total line-up to 106 bands over 2 days in 6 venues.

So, we regret to announce that Sheild Your Eyes, Katie Malco, Jairus, You Slut!, Cold Pumas, Sharma El Shakes, Sauna Youth, Young Mountains, Olympians and Bright Spark Destroyer all decided that they wouldn’t be able to perform for us for varying reasons.

BUT. We are very pleased to announce that Shapes, &U&I, Napoleon IIIrd, Feeds, Juffage, Town Bike, Carousel, Bad Grammar, Her Parents, Chrik, Bearsuit, Kathryn Edwards, BrouHaHa, de Selby, Delta Sleep and Two Wings have all offered their sonic wonderment for you to marvel at over the course of the weekend.

All in all – GOOD.

If you still haven’t bought yourself a day/weekend ticket then I urge you to do so by clicking here.

Keep posted for more content to be added to this site in the next few weeks, including a downloadable timetable (Click Here for a downloadable timeable) and more “featured acts of the week”.

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