Last minute line-up changes

Hello all!

The festival is 2 days away. Incredible.

Now, it is almost inevitable when booking over 100 acts to play an event that you’re going to have cancellations. We’ve already had a few over the months that you may have been keeping track of. We’ve had two more recently. For some of you, you may already be aware of these. Those of you who haven’t caught wind yet, then I must break it to you that unfortunately, Shield Your Eyes and Katie Malco can no longer perform at the Festival. Both acts are very apologetic to anyone looking forward to seeing them. The cancellations are both due to unforeseen circumstances.

That’s the bad news. But, the good news is we’ve got two new acts to replace them. BrouHaHa and de Selby .

OK, see you on Saturday!!!

Don’t forget to colour and print your clashfinder timetable, click HERE

We’ve also still got some advance tickets available, click HERE

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