Week #1 – Ben Butler and Mousepad

Week #1 – Ben Butler & Mousepad

You like Max Tundra, right? …and you’re undoubtedly fond of Deerhoof, that’s a given isn’t it? …You may even find yourself prancing ’round your dimly lit room playing Air Keytar to some glitch-y electronica you’ve stumbled across on Soundcloud (I’m not alone, surely). Now enter Ben Butler and Mousepad: your new favourite dance-orientated, synth-led, avant-rock guarantors of Midi Signals.


Ben Butler & Mousepad is Joe Howe, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. He has produced weird, complex, fun, synth-led music under a bunch of aliases, including GAY AGAINST YOU and GERMLIN. The last few years have seen Joe producing an album for MOMUS, working on an Opera in Berlin about WENDY CARLOS and rocking festivals, residencies and clubs through Europe, as well as remixing BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB, DEERHOOF, FULGEANCE, KLAXONS and THE CHAP (amongst others). As Ben Butler & Mousepad, he plays solo or in duo with Bastian Hagedorn on drums, under a proper prog-rock influence which doesn’t forget fun.

They’ve just toured the US with Deerhoof and have played alongside MSTRKRFT, Max Tundra, Mahjonng, Errors, Lucky Dragons and at festivals including Novafest (NO), OFF Festival (PO), Pictoplasma (DE), Sonic City (BE), Cimatics Festival (BE), Once upon a festival (BE). Solo festival shows include Glasgow International Art festival (UK), Glasgow Film Festival (UK), Glade (UK), TDK Cross Central (UK), OYE (NO), Futuresonic (UK), Numusic (NO),ZXZW (BE).

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