We are chrik, we are two people and we hit things that make noises.

We have played gigs and toured with lots of bands and had loads of fun.

”An extraordinary two piece from Liverpool taking the possibilities of guitar and drums to another world altogether. Noisy and melodic, subtle and brutal, they create affecting inventive soundscapes, leading you to the edge of confusion before pulling you back with an unexpectedly beautiful melody.”
Tactile Promotions, Manchester.

“Normally no vocals is generally enough to bore both my arms clean off. Chrik get around this by making all of their songs addictively moreish. We’ve got super mathy jangling, widdles the entire pantheon. But where most others get it wrong, these lot know how to keep the narritive driving through, and ensure the music remains engaging, gleeful and beautiful in equal measure. Live is the arena that they shine the most. When I saw them they set up in the middle of the floor ran around a lot, played some hugely catchy tunes, and looked like they were having an unwise amount of fun.”

“If you’re a fan of Tortoise, Maps & Atlases or even Foals you’ll immediately fall in love with this band. No pretension, simply a joy for great melodies and intricate counterpoint between guitars and drums. Chrik are a tour de force of math-rock complexity and Cali-punk pleasure.”
Liverpool Echo

Chrik’s Bandcamp

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