Katie Malco



I come from Fife. Now I live in London. I play some instruments, almost successfully. And I like to record songs at home in various ways.
But I also like to be in fancy studios and such. I recorded my debut E.P by myself at home with the vocal help of some musical friends. Its called Four Goodbyes and it was released on Skyeyesea records a while ago. You can download on iTunes. Or Amazon.co.uk or bandcamp.com. I have just released a new E.P. I recorded that with Iain Archer of such fame as Snow Patrol, Tired Pony, and Iain Archer. He is Irish and nice. This time it was not recorded at home, but in a church.
It was released on Alcopop Records and now you can see me play with a super group band of ex-Reuben and Hold Your Horse Is members. How about that.

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