Anguish Sandwich



We (we being the northampton, uk based ‘rock trio’ named ‘Anguish Sandwich’) are a northampton, uk based ‘rock trio’ named ‘Anguish Sandwich’

We have three people in our band, two boys/men and one girl/woman, and follow the standard guitar/bass/drums set up pioneered by such fantastic ‘acts’ as ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’, ‘Cream’, ‘Nirvana’ and many many more.

Our influences and inspirations are myriad, too many to mention, even to each other, they are closely guarded secrets only to be revealed when the time is just right.

We enjoy playing gigs (or ‘shows’) but dislike practicing our songs. ‘Anguish Sandwich’ have played many gigs. In the space of one month over the summer of 2011 we did ‘sets’ at Indietracks Festival, Upset the Rhythm’s Yes Way weekend, and the Reading + Leeds Festival combo, this trio of events is a feat never to be repeated by another band for as long as time shall tick.

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