Moody Gowns

What does it mean to be British?

It may well be the double decker buses and Cricket that sum up this fair isle.

Kitsch. Harmless. Boring.


It could be the thug abroad… Flag tattooed to his teeth; won’t eat that foreign muck.


It could be Moody Gowns.

Moody Gowns are a band who are quintessentially British for all the right reasons. They champion that wry wit and charm that all of history’s greatest Brits possessed. They couple it with light-hearted cynicism that is undeniably funny. They don’t take themselves too seriously; yet they are more real, true to life and down right important than any other band on your radar right now.

They are one of a kind.

Brought together by one Nathan Moseley back in 2008, Moody Gowns are an abrasive bunch of art-poppers destined to steal the heart of every true music fan on the planet.

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