Oh yes. In approximate order of appearance, I’m hearing fellow North-Western Kraut-reffing fellow travellers Kling Klang, the reconstructed unreconstructed Seventies synth-rock of the second Justice album, mid-Eighties Sonic Youth with added analogue, Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come, David Gilmour jamming an intro out with The Ex, the ectoplasmic guitar genius of Alan Rankine, ‘Moby Octopad’ (some of Yo La Tengo’s sprawlier excursions being a good primer on how to be influenced by Neu! without looking as if you’d actually like to be Neu!), Belew-era Crimson, XTC circa English Settlement, Boards of Canada, the less irritating portions of Kid A, bits of Tool and Battles. As ingredients for an album, unimpeachable.

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