Glass Ankle



A project first initiated by songwriter Greg upon his return from a ten-month sabbatical in the Far-East, Glass Ankle began with a suitcase full of songs.

Teaming up with bassist Stu and drummer/percussionist Chika, Greg’s music began to come into fruition, producing a sound that encompassed stunning melodies, soaring harmonies, and propounded an extensive array of influences.

The band quickly built an impressive repertoire of gigs, including Manchester’s In the City festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. The release of their first single towards the end of 2010 caught the ears of Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson who featured the song “Kyo Wa ii Hi” on their BBC Radio 6 Music shows.

2011 brought the addition of piano/clarinet player Claire to their line-up, giving an extra dimension to the music. Since then the Glass Ankle gig list has continued to grow further with festival appearances including FOM Fest, Leek Summer Jam, a coveted Gideon Conn support slot, and most recently, a stunning performance at Manchester’s Deaf Institute.

Their distinctive sound is ever-evolving, melding boy-girl harmonies, pulsing bass lines and addictive guitar passages with piano, cajon and the unusual addition of clarinet. Comparisons have been drawn to bands such as Psapp, Beach House, and much missed Manchester band Alfie.

Abandoning more conventional folk or indie templates, perhaps Glass Ankle can be best described as ‘genre wanderers’, taking listeners with them on eclectic, dreamy musical journeys with their delicately crafted songs which inevitably leave lasting impressions and a hunger for more.

“A most impressive blend of sonic expansiveness and melodic coherence.” Manchester Evening News.”

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