After recording two demo EPs they were selected by PRS to record their first EP proper ‘Picking up Pieces’, followed by the 7” single ‘I Want To Be A Dancer’ released through Cloud Sounds all of which achieved excellent reviews across the board. The next natural step was to record a full length album, the result of this natural step is ‘Pleasure Blast‘.

Pleasure Blast is the culmination of a year and a half of blood, sweat and tears (sweat and tears, literally; blood, figuratively) and was inspired the diversity and songsmithery found on albums by bands like Super Furry Animals, Talking Heads, The Kinks and Belle and Sebastian. Carefully prepared harmonies lace over and between spiky guitar lines and synth riffs to create, above all, well crafted and memorable songs.

Behind each song on the album are observational, cynical and occasionally humerous lyrics, tipping hats in the direction of Jarvis Cocker, Ron Mael and Ray Davies. Covering topics as diverse as local history (Belle Vue Fair), filthy women (An IE Or A Y/Word Of Mouth), the joys of wine (Stains), arguments over Queen members (Louise Louise), good old fashioned remorse (Those Wide Eyes/Never Gonna Change) and also a national anthem for a fictitious country (Il Seres).

Pleasure Blast is exactly that.

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