Juffage is Jeff T. Smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Leeds UK, via Chicago, Illinois. His newest album ‘Semicircle’ was released on Function Records to widespread critical acclaim from the NME, Loud & Quiet, Drowned in Sound, Bearded Magazine, and others.

A recording enthusiast at heart, Jeff spent time in Engine Studios (w/ Brian Deck), Electrical Audio (w/ Steve Albini), as well as several home studios around the world molding ‘Semicircle’ into a cohesive entity. His compelling live performances bring these multi-layered recordings to the stage, utilizing drums, basses, guitars, vocals, keys, clarinets, manipulated cassettes, seamless live-looping, and super-colossal multitastking to construct complex, yet surprising catchy pop songs.

Juffage has toured extensively in the US, UK, and Europe, performing alongside artists such as Dosh, Balmorhea, Mount Eerie, Portico Quartet, and Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors). Currently on another lengthy EU/UK tour, he is sure to grow into a force to be reckoned with.

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