O’Messy Life



O’Messy Life are a band from Newcastle UK. We formed in 2008 after one had a nervous breakdown.

In the intervening years we ballooned from guitar, keyboard, drums and bass to include piano, organ, trumpet, saxophone, violin and slide guitar. We threw shit around like a toddler playing in a muddy back garden and like that toddler, it was repulsive and bratty but the people close to us found it endearing.

Now we’ve slimmed down and beefed out, like Sly Stallone getting in shape for a new action movie grave-digging franchise performance.

You watch that guy huffing about as Rocky 7 or Rambo 9 with his dyed hair flowing at his shoulders and his surgically pinched jaw grinning his chemically whitened teeth, mouth spreading elatedly, so wide it reaches the staples under his ears and you think, “he’s never gonna call it quits”.

And neither will we. O’Messy Life will never stop.

O’Messy Life released 3 EPs in the last couple of years and we’re currently writing a two EP set of doom ballads based on the the NASA Constellation programme.

We’ve played shows with The Vaccines, Cursive, Phosphorescent, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Fruit Bats, Air Waves and others, and still nobody gives a fuck about us.

We also play occasionally as backing band to Withered Hand.

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